Sunday, September 8

So What The Heck Are RV Stabilizers?

I love questions, because I used to be a teacher. Yes, the kind of teacher who would announce to the class, “Don't be afraid to ask a dumb question – but remember that there are NO dumb questions!” If you believed this and immediately asked a really stupid one, however, you quickly learned that your classmates didn't have the same point of view as your kindly and patient instructor. Public humiliation in the form of giggles and even outright laughter might be waiting for anything you might ask – and how would you know? 

Well, as a former teacher, I believe it's true that there are no dumb questions, because all questions can teach you something. But there are certainly queries that make you think, where could that possibly have come from? Here's an example: what are “RV tire stabilizers?” There are apparently many folks out there in Internet land looking up this particular phrase, and I am quite puzzled by it myself. So here goes an attempt to deal with a perfectly fine, if rather puzzlingly unintelligent, question. 

There is of course no such thing as a stabilizer for your rig's tires. Tires are perfectly stable on their own, being designed to roll down the road at an alarming speed without wobbling hardly at all. If your tires are not stable, then I suggest that you might have serious problems that would best be addressed at your favorite tire retailer. But seriously, the question under examination here is clearly and simply a miss-worded one, the kind that sounds funny to the ear. What the question actually means to ask is, what are stabilizers that work by being used on the tires, as opposed to under the corners like jacks? 

These little items use the two tires of tandem axles to work against each other and thus eliminate front to back motion. Notice that they can only be used with rigs that have 2 axles, and tires, close to each other. Also notice that they do nothing for motion from side to side, only from front to back, which is usually taken care of by the corner stabilizers anyway. But if you have a problem with this kind of stabilization, then by all means check out those RV tire stabilizers – next question?

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