Friday, August 30

Trailer-Aid Plus Or Original - Why You Need This RV "Jack"

There are many great products for rvers, to make life a little simpler and safer...but it is hard to imagine anything being more useful than a Trailer Aid, Plus or Original model. If you have a double axle, you won't believe what this little gadget can do in the event you need to change a tire. We wish we had one when dry rot tires left us stranded.

Trailer Aid
Unfortunately, we didn't know these rv "jacks" existed...but boy could we have used them. Our tires (which looked new, by the way) started disintegrating across the US, leaving us stranded on the highway, waiting hours for a tow truck to come and help us change the rv tire. If we'd had a Trailer Aid, we would have save a lot of time and headache.

If you have a double axle, Trailer-Aid is right for you. You simply drive the tandem "good" tire onto the device, and it lifts the bad tire into the air. Would love to make it sound much more involved and detailed...but honestly, that is it! The Trailer Aid PLUS gives an extra inch of lift.

Trailer Aid Plus
RVers use these not only for changing tires, but for basic maintenance underneath the travel trailer or 5th wheel. Safe and sturdy, they prevent the risk of slipping. If for any reason you would need more lift, campers speak of placing a 2x6 underneath and that does the trick (which also prevents sinking into the ground).

When we set off on the frugal rv lifestyle we had so much to learn...and still do. This little device would have been so welcomed during our painful learning curve. The reviews are astounding...people proclaiming it is a "must have" for rving with two axles.

We hope you stay safe, hope you never need to use a Trailer Aid...but are certain you will love the peace of mind having one in your rv.

Safe travels!

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