Monday, July 22

What is the RV EZ Level good for, besides saving your marriage?

A while back we wrote on this site about how this cute little flying-saucer like device, the RV EZ Level, might keep your relationship healthy by providing a less stressful way to get your rig level. If you are a couple who RV together, you have probably split up jobs to make things easier, and getting leveled out can be a problem area. But many Rvers who have seen these intriguing-looking things might want to know what else they are good for, and when they really don't work as well as the old stand-bys.

Despite the one-size-fits-all marketing approach of the manufacturer, there are some rigs that the EZ Level isn't practical for. It's actually not great for pull campers and 5th wheels, although of course it can be used. The fact is that when you are leveling a camper pulled behind a truck, there are several stages to the process, and having bubble levels on the outside of the rig that you can refer to is the quickest way to arrive at levelness. With the EZ Level you have to go inside to check your progress, or enlist your partner, who may not want to have anything to do with it.

Another factor to consider is how accurately and completely level you really want to be. It is impossible to make very small adjustments with the colorful gadget, the kind that many folks like to make. One example is putting a small tilt to the drain side for easier dumping of tank contents. Another is compensating for a slightly unlevel cooking surface – some mobile chefs would rather have the stove level than the whole rig, as long as there is only a small adjustment that needs to be made. With old-fashioned bubble levels, it's easier to fine-tune things to your liking.

The truth is that the EZ Level is designed for a motor home with a hydraulic jack system in the cockpit. I can only imagine (since I've never had a motor home with a system like that) how convenient it must be to drop your electronic contraption in the middle of the floor, turn it on, and have a jolly old time adjusting your jacks until all the little green lights are on. You could even sit there and play with it like a video game if you had nothing better to do – sounds like hours of fun!

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