Sunday, June 23

Level, Stable And Finally Staying Put! Setting Up The 5th Wheel After 2000 Miles

Our long, across the country (well, at least half of it) journey has finally come to an end. Of course, all ends in the Rv life are temporary, but we do plan to stay where we are for the summer, if everything goes well. For us and our 5th wheel camper it has been an interesting trip, with many different sites, each one having its own character and accompanying leveling problems. We have set up on rolling, grassy sites, rocky gravel-covered sites, and rutted muddy sites, and even a couple of actual flat concrete ones. But rarely were these sites level from side to side, and since we wanted to stay hooked up for quick getaways in the morning, we had to settle for the slight tip backwards in the end-to-end level area.

We Are Up On A Bluff, So Better Get Stabilizing And Leveling Right!
Which makes our current abode even more special than it already was, and is. When our friends in Montana offered us a place to set up our camper back in the depths of an Illinois winter, we could barely imagine how it might be when we finally got back home. We were living in a gray, windy, desolate environment on the prairie and the memories of evergreen-clad mountains and actual landscapes were just that – memories. But we took them up on their kind offer, and when we arrived here after a long trek we didn't know what to expect, but we hoped it would be passable. Turns out it was quite a bit more than that.

Our RV Site In The Mountains
We are on a gravel-covered, open, flat spot, an artificial shelf that was made for this purpose. The area of the shelf is much larger than the average rv slot, so we have plenty of space – a good thing since we would not want to roll off of the rather steep edge. We are surrounded by mountains, in the middle of a larch and pine forest with gently rolling hills all around. Below us 2 different creeks wind their way through a landscape that looks like something from a fairy tale, with footpaths and atv trails looping around ponds and densely forested patches of tall old trees. Besides such an incredible view, the site itself is almost perfect. It is actually level from side to side without any kind of blocks, the first one in our trip that we have encountered. And since we knew on first sight that we would be staying here, we were able to take the time to get the camper level from front to back as well.

We have 30 amp electric and a septic connection, but we have to keep our water tank filled and use the water pump. We are getting used to going to our hosts' house – a short drive through the trees – and filling up our 5 gallon water cans, then pouring them into our storage tank. It doesn't take all that long, and it's a small inconvenience at most. Once we get our own phone line with wifi, the other major drawback to this site will be gone – no cell or Internet right now. But all in all, we are happy to be back in Montana. And feeling safe, stable and completely level.

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