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Steadyfast Stabilizers - You Will Be Steady, And Fast!

The Steadyfast RV Trailer Stabilizer system is gaining the attention of many rvers. In an effort to calm the shakes, stem the queasies, and dampen down the vertigo, RV dwellers with 5th wheels and travel trailers often go to great lengths. 

For 5th wheel campers, the most popular method of stabilizing the rig is with a kingpin tripod system. The basic idea is that the kingpin provides an anchor point in the center of the front underside that can be used to keep the thing from moving around when someone is walking or doing other things that transmit motion. With 2 or 3 steel legs extending to the ground, tension is applied and the front of the rig is held fairly steady. 

The rear of the 5th wheel and the entire body of the pull-type camper trailer must rely on stabilizer jacks that are cranked down (either by hand or electrically) to push on the ground (or blocks strategically placed) and thus stabilize the RV. For some folks, these methods are sufficient – there are many who don't even need the front tripod on their 5th wheels. But for some of us more sensitive types out there, something more is needed. The Steadyfast RV Trailer Stabilizer System for 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers just might be what the doctor ordered.

It's a crossbar setup that uses the frame and the stabilizing jacks already on the camper to fix the shakes in a major way. Consisting of 3 long metal tubes and 4 footpads, along with the necessary hardware, it is said to be very simple to use. Once your rig is leveled and the 4 corner jacks have made contact with the surface, you simply use the provided controllers to apply tension to the crossbars, and that's it – the shakes are almost completely gone. Whatever remains is the result of older floors and frames, not something the Steadyfast can help with. So, why not try it?

The Good: Most of those who have it say that it definitely works – it stabilizes the rig and eliminates any shaking. This is the biggest selling point, because if you can't stand the movement in your camper and it makes you not want to be in it, you're missing out for sure. Anything that really removes this nasty little feature of most Rvs is probably worth it. It is a very lightweight system, around 40 pounds or so, so it won't add a lot of weight to the camper. It is simple to use, and doesn't have to be dragged out, hooked up and set up – it's always there waiting for you to use. For 5th wheelers, it permits you to swap that tripod jack out, taking away more weight and another thing that has to be done every time you set up.

The Bad: This system has to be installed on the frame of the camper. If you can't do it yourself, you'll have to find someone who can. Holes must be drilled in the frame and brackets attached, and it's reportedly a 3 to 5 hour job. And even though the Steadyfast keeps the shakes away, it is not a leveling tool – you still have to go through the process of leveling with levels and jacks. Last but certainly not least is the price – about $340.00, and of course if you need to have someone put it on for you, there may be additional charges incurred. But if you really need it, the cost is more than likely worth what you will pay, and since you don't need that kingpin tripod anymore, you can sell it and get some of your expenses back.

By all reports, this is a high-quality product, made by a small company that stands behind it 100%. Customer service is also reportedly amazing – you can actually call the company owner and Steadyfast designer and talk to him if you have any problems, concerns or just questions. And if having a camper that does not shake when you move around inside it is what you need, there is really nothing else that compares to the Steadyfast Stabilizers.

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  1. Very well written article. Thank you for reviewing our product. I just ran across it and it appears to be a few years old. The price is lower now. Also install time is normally 2-3 hours.

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