Saturday, May 4

So Do You Need A King Pin, 5th Wheel Tripod Stabilizer? Our Opinions To Date!

The debate over whether you need a 5th wheel tripod stabilizer will always continue on, but now that we recently sold our motorhome and purchased a used fifth wheel, thought we'd share a bit of our experiences over these first few weeks of owning our rv.

We have been rving full time since 2009 and began in a travel trailer, then upgraded to a motorhome until our recent camper purchase of a Jayco 5th wheel. Like Goldilocks, we just had to try them all out to see which one was "just right" - and so far we feel certain our recent recreational vehicle is perfect for us.

But what a learning curve fifth wheels have - geez. From the hitch in the bed of the truck to the stabilizing has been an educational experience in a very short amount of time.

So back to needing a 5th wheel tripod stabilizer. At the current rv park we are staying at this month, we look around and see about 50% of fifth wheelers using a king pin tripod while the others are not. Must admit we pictured crawling into bed our first night and tipping the camper forward, but happy to report that just isn't the case!

The person we bought our rv from gave us all of his gear, including a tripod stabilizer - and given we were staying in a family member's driveway when we swapped our rigs, we are glad we had it...just look at the photo below and you will know, a sloped driveway! Whether it made a difference or not, our first night sleeping in it made us feel much better knowing it was under our bed!

So we vote "yes" to have one around for odd, unexpected campsites or driveways that make you feel like you are going to end up rolling into oncoming traffic. But now that we are at our new campsite, which is level, we are using it more as a "why not?" Our 5th wheel stabilizer isn't even a tripod, just two legs, so we cannot say much right now about how much difference it makes. But we can tell you two things:
  1. Before we set it up, we don't notice a bunch of bounce in the bedroom anyway...but because we have it and it takes a second to set up, we will use it.
  2. Second, we have a mid height bedroom, which means we can't walk around in the room, which drastically eliminates shaking/bouncing.
The final choice on purchasing a 5th wheel tripod stabilizer will be up to you and based on your rv and personal preferences. We can only assure you at this time that you won't tip forward...promise!

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