Thursday, April 4

We Are Getting A 5th Wheel - Back To RV Jack And Leveling School!

The time has come to admit that maybe a motor home isn't the best choice for us, as we just announced on our cheap rv living blog today. We have been living in our RVs full-time now since the fall of 2009, and we have learned so much that we didn't know before. We started out with a travel trailer, commonly known as a pull camper, and we discovered that we were not very fond of the set up (and set down) process. Hitching up was a pain, especially when the weather was not cooperating. It's really necessary, not optional, to use an equalizer/stabilizer type of hitch with anything over 20 feet long. With our 27 foot camper, we had to learn how to connect, lock, and adjust the ant-sway and load equalizing features. And then of course, when you have to unhitch, it's the same process backwards, plus all the setting up needed for the trailer – leveling and jacking and so on.

When we changed to a motor home, it seemed like we could breathe a sigh of relief. And we have done that many times during our time with Joey, our 32 foot Fleetwood Bounder. We loved being able to pull into a site, check for leveling needed and adjust with easy blocks under the wheels, turn off the engine, and relax. We have lived without another vehicle for some time, but now we are feeling the need for a way to get around. A motor home is great when you're going from place to place, but when you want to rest for awhile, you don't want to have to take down all the knick-knacks and bungee the cabinets whenever you need to go to the grocery.

On our frugal budget, we don't want to spend money on a toad that gets pulled around, and all of the expenses associated with it. So we have decided that we will switch to a 5th wheel camper and pickup truck. And once again, we are faced with the fact that we know enough to know what we don't know – if that makes sense. We know that a 5th wheel is more stable on the road, that you don't have to worry about the ant-sway bars and load equalization you do with a pull camper.

But there is the backing onto the plate and locking part, the raising and lowering into the right position aspect, the stabilizing jacks to deal with, and all kinds of other stuff that we undoubtedly haven't even thought about yet. We certainly plan to educate ourselves and ask for help from the great resources that are available to us on the Internet. Heck, we might even have to get a book about our new rig to feel like we are taking it seriously. But we are hopeful that our experience with our travel trailer and motor home will help us feel confident and able to meet the challenges ahead. We are looking forward to becoming 5th wheelers.

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