Friday, March 8

Which Is Best RV BOOKS OR DVDS For Learning?

When looking for the best rv books, an rving book or video used to be a scarce, hard to find item. RV dealers carried a few titles of usually out of date and poorly made videos that were little more than company brochures on tape - and books had to be ordered by mail because you never saw them in bookstores. 

Nowadays, of course, things are very different, having many rver resources to choose from. While bookstores are disappearing, the few that still have shelves with actual books on them commonly have a large section for RVers, and online stores offer hundreds of titles, not to mention ebooks created by rvers on the road, which many happy campers like reading on their kindles. From the beginner to the expert, you can always find something that you can learn from. But in the video world, things aren't quite as clear cut. Is a picture truly worth a thousand (or more) words when it comes to RVs?

Here's the main issue with for-sale videos (meaning DVDs, although you can also find VHS formats as well) – they are very difficult to do well. As movie and TV watchers, we are accustomed to high quality productions with great scripts and camera work, recorded and edited with professional equipment. While it's impossible to check out all of the RV training videos out there for sale, you can read the reviews. The complaints always seem to be about the content, and the quality of many of these productions, although to be fair there are also some highly rated ones. Let's face the facts – a book can pack in a lot of important information, and you can skip around in it, make notes and highlight the good stuff, and generally get a lot of use out of it. A DVD can show you the big picture and try to make an impression, but for the price of most it seems like not such a great deal for what you actually get.

Free videos easily watchable online are another story, but only slightly. The best thing about them is that they are free, but as the saying goes, you usually get what you pay for. If you're lucky you can find something that addresses your questions and gives you the information you need. But the same problems of poor quality and poor content plague the free video world even more than the for sale videos, for obvious reasons.

So, when it comes to learning about your RV and becoming confident in your skills, it's hard to beat actual printed books. For example, you can sit and read one while relaxing in the shade of the awning you just learned how to install, and feel secure in the knowledge that just about anything you need to know can be found in the right book. Not only that, but the pictures there can be perused without rewinding a tape, or worrying about scratches on the shiny silver discs ruining your substantial investment. And that's worth a lot.

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