Thursday, February 14

Husky Brute Power Jack 4500 - With Wireless Remote!

There are many electric tongue jacks on the rv market, but the Husky Brute Power Jack 4500, with remote, is a present you owe to yourself! Why is this so, you ask? Well...for many reasons!

First, any rver who has indulged in an electric jack will tell you, with or without remote controls, that they will never go back to the "ugh" and "oomf" of hand crank trailer jacks. It's like when someone breaks down and buys a dishwasher. Sure, washing them by hand is ok...but once they've experienced the luxury of the new gadget, there is no way they are letting you take it away!

Second, some people buy travel trailers that already have stock electric tongue jacks installed - but often they are low power, low quality. They do the job, but wouldn't it be nice to have a heavy duty jack that works quickly and can handle the load instead of worrying about it burning out?

Third, if you are making the investment...why not really treat yourself to the Husky Brute Jack with remote? Haven't we all been there....reading the level inside the trailer, running back to the jack, running back in the trailer...add some arctic wind or torrential downpour and you are set for misery. The remote works from 40 feet away! You can raise up and down without moving an inch. It isn't a necessity, but geez it would be nice, wouldn't it?

So there you have it - treat yourself to the Husky 87641 Brute Electric Jack with Wireless Remote - 4500 lbs. Capacity. It also is available without it, if you have a co-pilot who stays inside the rv and screams "higher" and "lower" during setting up camp. But think of the fun you could have with the remote. Just keep it away from a place where a gigantic rv cat like ours might lie on top of it...that would be quite a scare!

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