Friday, January 18

The Camco Tri Leveler - Gets The RV Leveling Job Done!

In the big, crazy world of rv leveling, the simple Camco Tri Leveler will get the job done. All of us rvers know that from campsite to campsite, you never know quite what to expect. Even concrete pads can be unlevel...which is so disappointing because when you pull in and see that inviting, smooth surface you think it will be easy.

But you know that feeling - you pull in, turn off the engine and then discover that your pen is rolling across the table toward the window...but you just don't want to believe it. "No! It can't be! It's a concrete pad!" RV leveling denial will not make your camper have to tweek it just a just have to.

With a Camco Tri Leveler you will be vertical in no time at all, so don't worry! With one simple rv product that has 3 tiers, just back the tire up on it, stick a chock (if you want) on the front tire and now relax and enjoy yourself for the night.

Reviews state that these Camco levelers are amazingly durable, they won't slip, they have a carrying handle and weigh about five pounds. Couldn't be simpler to use (but of course, would be nice if the rv park had a level pad, wouldn't it? Now that would be simple!). Of course, they are perfect for gravel or dirt sites as well.

A word of warning, these aren't best suited for dual axles because you can't fit a second one between the two tires. Also, it holds up to 3500 pounds so keep that in mind. They are certainly perfect for smaller campers and travel trailers, though there are rvers out there who use them on bigger rigs, too.

So be sure to put these on your rv gift list. The Camco Tri Leveler is compact, affordable and will certainly come in handy for many rving folks!

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