Sunday, January 27

Leveling RVs: RV Copilot Stands For REALLY VOCAL

Oh the joys of being an rv copilot - not only on the road but when pulling into the campsite after a long, tiring day. Just then, when nothing would feel better than stretching out and having an adult beverage, rving copilots are thrown out into the wind, sleet and hail to assist in leveling and stabilizing the travel trailer.

It's a language you only learn once you and your mate are on the road, pulling into an rv campsite. You start speaking with your hands, you shout to be heard over the engine and you know you often look purely foolish. The worse the weather outside, the louder an rv copilot gets and the more enthusiastically the hands start swinging in the air...pointing this way, pointing that way. At times, to get ones message across to the beloved rver who is in the nice, warm vehicle, you scream "stop" and motion stop with your hand at the same time.

Yes, an rv copilot plays an important role in leveling and stabilizing the rv. Often risking their lives by sliding that piece of wood under the tire as the travel trailer is backing up onto it. Running in and out of the camper to test if it is level without the steps out yet. But the beauty of this position is that once leveling has been successful, copilots can sit back in the travel trailer as the jacks are put down...and have that beverage after all!

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