Wednesday, January 9

Best RV To Live In, If You Don't Like Stabilizing

The best rv to live in, if you aren't a big fan of stabilizing, is a motorhome. Doesn't matter which type, Class A, B or C - you're going to be much happier...promise!

Now let's clarify a bit, shall we? We aren't speaking about stabilizing rvs that have automatic, electronic stabilizers which appear like "magic" with the push of a button. No...if you've got something like that, then really it wouldn't matter if your rig was a flying carpet.

Meet Joey, Our Home
We've had a 30 foot travel trailer and are currently in a Bounder we call "Joey." We've had it both ways and can say, where stabilizing is concerned, motorhomes are the best rvs to live in. In a travel trailer, you can't mess around with stabilizing. I always held my breath when the trailer was unhooked from the vehicle...waiting to see it roll away. Also, there was always that unnerving feeling when walking around, wondering if those wheel chocks could really keep us in our preferred campsite.

That said, a motorhome is the best camper for living in when trying to dodge stabilizing because it takes a lot of work, rain or shine (daylight or in the pitch dark). You've just got to get it right, so you keep circling the 4 corners of your recreational vehicle, while the dog watches you from inside the warmth of the camper...appearing to be laughing just a bit. And though leveling is important for comfort in any rv, the dance of leveling and stabilizing a pull type camper is quite artistic.

For us, we find it refreshing to be able to just pull in, turn off the engine and know putting it in park is good enough for the night. Of course, if staying someplace long term, you will want to stabilize so you don't shake with every footstep (or cat paw from our our 20 pound rv cat). But to be honest, we stabilize so infrequently when on the move, and it is just fine. So concerning rv stabilizers, our "Joey" is the best rv to live in - at least for us.

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