Saturday, December 1

House Of Cards RV Leveling For Laughs

Making a house of cards is an old game, one that used to be played in parlors. And played by polite folks whiling away the pleasant hours in the pre-TV and Internet Age, years and years ago. But RV-ers are used to delving into the past for entertainment, since they often have to go without connections to the world at large, just like people did in the old days, and find other ways of having fun. Building a house of cards is one of these, but it is something else too – the latest in our series of amusing and unique methods to get your rig level.

To start with, you will of course need a deck of playing cards, or maybe 2 – there's no need to run out of cards before the game is over or the RV is level, whichever comes first. Then you'll need a dinette table that you have, from past experience, determined to be a reliable indicator that the state of being level from side to side and front to back has been achieved. Then you need a tablecloth made of fabric that will provide some traction for the cards.

The players (you need at least 2, but solitaire is possible, I suppose...) assemble at the dinette as soon as possible upon arriving at a new destination. While I don't want to seem like I'm encouraging the over-imbibing of alcohol, the best way to do this is to make it into a drinking game. Drink tea if you need to, but a beverage of some kind is really a necessity. Start by putting up 2 walls of cards. Each time a successful step for a player beyond 2 walls is reached, take a drink. If the house falls down due to unresolved problems with the level state of the RV, send someone out to make an adjustment and see what kind of a difference it has made. Continue until a complete house has been constructed by all players. You'll have to decide what constitutes a complete house for your particular situation – 1 story with a flat roof, with a peaked roof, 2 stories or more, and so on. The possibilities are truly endless.

By the time there are house of cards all around the dinette table, you can be sure that the RV is level, and you can finally stop drinking and go to bed in your now perfectly flat rig – unless you were drinking tea or coke. In that case you'll be up all night trying to create the world's tallest mansion of cards, but you'll be doing it in a level RV.

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