Saturday, November 10

RV Levels - Leveling That Nature Intended For RVers

Why bother with all those bubble levels and fancy computerized lifters to get your RV level? There are many easier and even entertaining ways to find out if your rig is sitting flat and straight – you just have to look around and be creative. Once you have backed in or pulled through and you're where you need to be, don't worry about the usual ways of leveling – here's one of the lazy rver's methods, and there are many more to come.
If you like to have a frosty beverage when pulling into a campsite from time to time, here's the best way for the un-industrious rv owner to get level – fill your glass, take a sip and just stare at it. That's it. If the liquid isn't level, well then the bad news is that break time is over, of course. After scientifically determining from your glass which side needs to go up and whether the front is lower than the back, go outside and do what you usually do – but not too perfectly. If you like what is inside the glass, this is a great argument that you must keep testing to get it right!

Now go back inside, take a drink or two, even refill if necessary, and check your position again with your mug. If your traveling companion is relaxing with you, you can both continue to assess your progress, and decide when you're finally as level as you can be. Of course, you'll need to celebrate your horizontalness with another beverage, so you can keep checking. With lots of frosty mugs in the freezer, there's no reason to stop now – practice makes perfect.

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