Wednesday, November 14

Motorhome Leveling With Incense

Here’s another wacky and lazy man’s way to motorhome leveling...for a laugh (though my beer mug idea I’ve posted is absolutely my favorite). One of my favorite things to enjoy in our motorhome is fine incense. I have always liked having some department store sticks around to light up on occasion, but I didn't understand the range of quality and the variety of types available until I started writing reviews for an Internet seller. Having samples of some of the best fragrances from around the world opened my eyes – and nose – to a new world. Now I know what I like and I am able to find my favorites online. But I also found a new use for it – leveling the RV.

This method takes 2 people to really make it work, but it is possible with one person if you have a big mirror to look at yourself in, something that most rvs have in the living area. You'll need a stick of incense, or you can use a cone or other type in a dish burner if you so desire. Stand in the center of the floor in the living room and hold the burning stick or dish carefully and quietly in front of you so that the rising smoke is ascending in line with your nose. Have your partner stand in front of you and while both of you enjoy the scent, he or she will be able to see if the smoke is parallel with an imaginary vertical line in the middle of your face.

You can do the same while looking in a mirror of course, but it's easier with a helper. Make adjustments to your rig as needed and recheck with the incense. If you experiment with standing in different places and facing different directions, you'll find that lining everything up will be a cinch. And on top of having a level rig, the place will smell great!

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