Tuesday, November 20

Leveling Via The RV Cat And His Toy

As you might know if you've been reading our other articles about leveling, there are many fun, entertaining, and potentially amusing ways to make sure your rig is on the level. Making the process into a drinking game is one of my favorites, although the incense test is a good one too. If you are lucky enough to have furry friends along with you on your journey, here is another leveling idea that might just be what the RV doctor ordered - the toy ball test.

Our RV Cat, Spot

This method will work whether you have a dog or a cat or both, but there is one requirement: the animal in question must enjoy chasing a plastic ball down the hall of your rig. If your dog or cat watches you trying to get him or her to go get a ball that is brightly colored, noisy, even in some cases lit up from inside, and contemptuously turns up his or her nose at you, this method just won't work. Or at least it won't be very much fun at all and it will just make you annoyed with your pet, in which case it's time for the drinking glass method.

Anyway, the idea is that after parking and setting up, you enter the cat's home (we have a cat that owns us, so we know how it really is) and try to get his attention. Sitting in a convenient location, gently (you don't want to scare him away) roll the toy ball down the hallway or simply across the largest floor area. If the ball stops moving and the cat doesn't want to chase it, your RV is level. If it continues to roll, note the direction of the movement and adjust your stabilizers and jacks accordingly, and repeat if necessary. If your cat takes the ball under the couch or into some other location away from your prying eyes, get another ball and start over. Or play ball with your dog – now there's a real pet.

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