Wednesday, October 10

RV Level Apps For Your Smartphone! Wow...

Must admit, an rv level app wasn't a possibility for we who were comfortable enough with a dumb phone - all that we could handle, honestly - but when we were offered a free smartphone with Verizon, we decided to take a step out of the stone age. Cannot believe the apps available for free!

While teenagers are excited downloading free apps that they find cool, hip and fun (are those even words they use anymore?) we were just so fricking excited that ours had a super-bright flashlight (we always lose our small flashlights when rving...kinda like losing socks in a dryer, we have no idea where they go).

Anyway....back to leveling...we then recognized there are free apps that have instant levels! Of course, we like normal leveling as well...but how handy, when in a rush, to have so much assistance rving at your fingertips.

Of course, now we have instant gps at our fingertips, too - which makes us wonder why we didn't get a smartphone sooner.

These apps, once again, are why not take a look at some of them here and enjoy having one where you can find it, 24/7...unless you lose your phone, of course!

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