Sunday, September 30

Easy RV Leveling - Stick A Cushion Under Your Bed!

OK - I will admit to being somewhat lazy, and always looking for the easy way to accomplish a task. It's a character flaw that I've learned to live with - because that's a lot easier than trying to change. When we pulled up in George's driveway back in mid-September, I didn't think too much about the motorhome being level. After all, the plan was to spend most of the day in the house, and just sleep in the RV. The fact that we had a slight tilt towards the front seemed to be a minor inconvenience that could be ignored in the right frame of mind.
We didn't really care that we had to walk a bit uphill to get to the queen bed in the back of our motorhome. The refrigerator worked fine, the pets didn't care, and it was one of those things you get used to after awhile. So we slept in the RV in those conditions for a couple of weeks, and it was alright, or so we thought. Then we started noticing that we were getting headaches and not sleeping as well as we usually did. I successfully ignored these signals, and Robin knew she wasn't going to get me to go through the whole leveling process just to get a level bed.
The problem of course is that for the somewhat lazy RVer like me, conditioning has taken its toll. I am completely accustomed now to pulling up onto a level concrete or asphalt pad or driveway and turning off the engine. That's the extent of the leveling process. Our RV sits level on a level surface, so all is usually well. To make a change at this point in George's driveway, I would have to expend quite a bit of energy, time and effort for a very small payoff. I'd have to start up, pull forward, go back far enough to get blocks positioned for the front wheels, then go forward onto them, hoping I didn't overshoot and have to start over. Way too much trouble if you ask me.
Then, after the third week or so, Robin said she had an idea. There was a chaise lounge cushion gathering dust in the garage that was a couple of inches thick and just about the right width and length. We could slip one under the foot end of the mattress and see if it leveled out the bed without making a lump in the middle. This idea was incredibly appealing to me, as you might have guessed. Well, we tried it and it worked just fine. We now have a level bed and we are sleeping much better. Yep, sometimes leveling only entails making the bed comfy...and the cushion worked great! We just have to be careful about getting up and walking –  it's all downhill from there.

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