Wednesday, August 29

BAL 25035 King Pin Stabilizing Tripod Jack

Stabilizing tripods for 5th wheel campers are very common, but opinions about them are mixed. Some RVers swear that they couldn't do without theirs, while others say they really don't help that much. Your own experience may depend on how and where you usually “camp,” in a park with flat level spots, or out in the wild where a campground may be lumpy and covered with tree roots. It may also depend on how tolerant you are of movement inside the rig – some folks don't even notice swaying or vibration, and others can actually get motion sickness from being in a destabilized RV. If you decide to try a tripod, this is one of the most popular, and one of the most expensive.
The BAL is notable for the simplicity of its design. It comes with a metal circular plate around the pin hole for stability and weight-bearing. It has three heavy duty legs, but one of them has a screw adjustment about a third of the way down the leg for adjusting the tripod to unlevel surfaces. Each leg is capped with a large-diameter  base pad for added strength and steadiness. A heavy chrome chain keeps the adjustable legs from slipping apart, and the whole apparatus folds up for easy storage. It has a height range of 41 to 68 inches with extension legs, making it more suitable for taller 5th wheels than other tripods.

The heavy duty construction of the tripod is evident in its weight – 43 pounds, almost twice as much as the popular Camco tripod. This model sets itself apart from the other popular tripods by its sturdiness, excellent build quality, ability to adjust for higher rigs and uneven terrain, and its simplicity of construction. If you don't mind getting the extra weight for extra capacity and versatility, this might be a good choice for stabilizing your RV.

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