Monday, July 9

"If The House Is A Rockin" Humor...

There's a well-known song by Stevie Ray Vaughan that says, "if the house is a'rockin', don't bother knockin', don't bother, come on in." The gist of the uncomplicated lyric is that if there's obviously a party going on in that house, nobody's going to hear you knocking at the door anyway. So you might as well not go through the motions of knocking, just walk right in, grab a beer and join the party.
In the RV world, I believe the saying has a different meaning entirely. There are t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers that have the revised version - something like "if this trailer's rockin, don't bother knockin," and there might be a cute picture of a camper or RV shaking and vibrating. I assume that the message in this version is something like, "we are indisposed at this time, and if you can see the RV moving around it would be great if you did NOT knock at the door and interrupt whatever is happening in here."
Clearly this a situation in which the whole leveling and stabilizing question needs to be revisited. After all, if the rocking and swaying motion of the RV is sufficient to demonstrate to a potential visitor that activity of an intimate nature is going on inside, then the stabilizing system is not doing its job properly. A correctly leveled and stabilized RV should sit on its equipment and be as steady as a house on a foundation. If you are in the habit of doing a strenuous physical activity inside the RV - such as jumping jacks, let's say - no one outside should be able to tell.
I'm being facetious here, obviously, because the best stabilizers won't eliminate a certain amount of motion that's detectable by an outside observer. So the point is that a bit of instability is probably a good thing, at least in the narrow confines of the usual sardine-can RV park set-up. You really don't want the neighbors to be at your door if the signals are clear that you are, well, busy being a couple. On the other hand, if your message is really - "come on in, join the party!" then I don't want to know about it - I will definitely leave you alone so the house can keep on a rockin.

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