Saturday, May 19

Rv Stabilization Jack Pads For The Big Boys - Super Dolly Bus Pads

RV stabilizing, when shopping around, requires a bit of common sense. Unfortunately, we are somehow always ones to learn by doing, which means we try things out, wait for the crisis, cry and then learn. Ok, so maybe there are better ways...but it keeps us on our toes.

Speaking of toes (here comes a weak stabilizer jack pad analogy from yours truly), if you laid a kleenex box on the ground and an ant stepped on top of it, what do you think would happen? Not much, right? Correct! That's because the tissue could support the weight of the little guy. Now, with that same box, what do you think would happen if you had an elephant step on it? See where I'm going with this very in depth story?

All rvs are not alike (another epiphany!). Some are big, small, long, short - yes, an rv can come in all shapes and sizes. So when shopping around for rv pads for jacks, you need to do a little investigating first. Now, I'm quite the smart one at times, but there is no way I can know what type of camper, motorhome, travel trailer or 5th wheel you have.

So it would follow that, if you own a big monster of an rv, the "average" products for rvs might not work. Let me are not the ant, you are the elephant - and you must make sure you are purchasing a product that can carry an elephant's weight. If you don't heed my words, your stabilizing jack won't do much good, because you will squish the jack pads into the dirt, break them (or mistake them for a peanut and devour them).

So jack pads for the big boys would be something like the Super Dolly Bus Pads 2/Pk

These are super rv jack pads, tested to hold 100,000 psi and are even used on tractor trailers! Now I will warn you right now, they are more expensive than average pads. However, let me remind you that you purchased and elephant, not an ant, so the cost of upkeep is going to be more. If that is discouraging you, you might want to consider getting an ant someday!!

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