Thursday, May 24

Stack Jacks - More Funny RV Stories

I don't know what exactly was wrong with Roger. But there was something I just couldn't put my finger on. We were spending the night at a KOA in Montana, not necessarily out of choice, but we had been on the road for a few days, and an endless hot shower and unlimited wifi sounded good for some reason. We pulled into the Mountain View RV Park near Whitefish, and rented a spot for the night. I drove the motorhome around the circle to our prominently numbered site and backed it in. Then we hooked up our services and settled in for the night. And Roger arrived about 1 AM.
Some RVs are noisier than others, but when we were awakened by a god-awful metallic clanking sound and looked out the window, we knew we were hearing one of the worst. Roger took a while to back his aging 30 foot travel trailer into the spot he had chosen right next to us, and when the noise subsided and the dust settled about a half an hour later, we breathed a sigh of relief. That was when the fun really started.
By this time I was wide awake anyway, so I decided to play anthropologist and observe what Roger was doing. I saw him go to a gaucho and noisily pull out some metal objects of some kind. It was just light enough in the RV park to guess that he was getting ready to level his camper. I was about to go back to bed when I realized that he was putting a cheap square stabilizer jack under each corner of the trailer. Apparently his built-in leveling jacks were the old-fashioned wind-down kind and they didn't work anymore - at least that was my guess. He carefully positioned the stabilizer units and then started the leveling process.
These jacks are actually meant to stabilize - they go under the frame and after being set up, keep the RV from rocking and rolling. But Roger was doing his level best (sorry for the pun) to use them in a way they were not intended. And it was hard work. I'm sure that he must have circumnavigated his camper at least 50 times, stopping once in a while to go inside and check the leveling progress, before he finally was satisfied. I tried to see the corner that was closest to me in the darkness, and it looked kind of frightening - leveling had been achieved at the cost of an unnatural elevation.
I went to bed and to sleep, happy in the knowledge that Roger was set up for the night. Until about 4 AM, when a terrible sound from next door woke us both. I looked out and saw that one side of Roger's RV had apparently slipped off of the stabilizer jacks, probably due to some tossing and turning, and it was no longer stable, or level. But Roger must have slept through the event, because I didn't see him again until the next morning, when he was repeating the whole process. 

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