Wednesday, March 14

Leisure Time Offers RV Step Support For Stabilizing RV Stairs

It is well known that, unless you don't mind vertigo and dizziness, stabilizing and leveling your rv is a must -but what about those camper stairs?

You know what I'm talking about...If you have an older motorhome, 5th wheel or travel trailer, those entry steps could use a little support as well.

This nifty, affordable step support made by Leisure Time gives you the stability under your feet that you want, so you needn't put off thinking about a solution any more. It adjusts from 5 to 10 inches in height and has an added bonus - it helps eliminate the shaking and rocking that happens when people walk in the recreational vehicle! It actually offers more stabilizing to your rv, which is always a bonus.

Most rvers with older rigs know that when someone is walking in, depending on how graceful he or she is, things start to jostle around and fall. It is even worse when you're trying to take a nice nap and then it feels like an elephant has just entered the camper, shaking you awake.

So now your steps will feel more secure and you won't be as annoyed when your spouse is merely trying to enter or exit the motorhome. Many problems solved, for one low price!

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