Friday, January 20

Do You Dream Of Wheel Chocks With Handles? Get A Rope!

Back when we had our travel trailer, many a time we wished we had wheel chocks with handles. When we'd left a campsite in the rain, and each wheel chock looked like a child's nature project with leaves, stems and goo, we knew later that day we would have to actually touch that thing.

Now I'm not sure where it is written that you must retrieve all tire chocks at once, then roam around the rv placing them on each tire, but that was our method. However, by grabbing these still dirty, damp yellow triangles, there was no way to hold them all at once - so on the chest they went. Ok, it isn't convenient to keep going back and forth down the length of the travel trailer, but honestly...all at once?

Envisioning trading in our chocks for those with handles seemed like a good idea...but then an even better one came along...rope!

If you connect two chocks at a time by drilling a little hole and tying them together with plenty of rope, you can dangle these filthy things from your fingertips! No...we didn't invent this idea, but we are a little slow in some ways, and didn't recognize you could purchase these.

However, because we are frugal rvers indeed, it seems like a pretty cheap DIY project. So wheel chocks with handles not needed!

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