Thursday, December 1

How To Stop Sea Sickness - In An RV?

We arrived in central Illinois last month, intending to visit my daughter through spring (yes, we head to the cold in winter...spent last winter in Glacier National Park...don't ask!!). Knowing we were going to buy a cheap little car to get around in, we didn't stabilize the motorhome because we were using it as transportation the first few weeks.

However, as always happens with us, central Illinois was getting record winds. Not "average" and sporadic wind that commonly blows through...this was hurricane wind and it wouldn't stop. While working on the computer, I noticed I was beginning to feel seasick - getting vertigo and feeling quite dizzy.

I asked Jim if he felt it, too...and he was about as green as I was. Yep, time for stabilizing the rv, no matter how inconvenient it was. Our 1993 Fleetwood Bounder didn't come with stabilizers, so we have to use stack jacks.

Lesson learned...never underestimate how much impact even the wind can have, let alone bouncing around the rv from walking about...stabilizing jacks are a must have when "out at sea."

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