Friday, November 4

Stabilizing Tips - Our Choice Of The Best RV For Full Time Living

Oh I can hear the rvers scuffle and yell when we state our choice for the best rv for full time living, where stabilizing is concerned. However, having traveled thousands and thousands of miles in both a 30 foot travel trailer as well as a motorhome, we've made our judgment. If you don't like it, start your own blog (just kidding, just kidding)!!

We do live in an rv, full time and so we are very sensitive to our home bouncing around endlessly. It might not be such a big deal if you only take the rv out once-in-awhile, but on a daily basis you don't want to constantly sway about the camper.

We recently concluded an 1800 mile trek from Glacier National Park, Montana to Illinois, which you can read about on our cheap rv living blog (link is on home page). This was our first time taking our 1993 Fleetwood Bounder across the country because we just purchased it in June, 2011. Though any rv will bounce without stabilizing jacks, each night we stopped along the way, we never worried about it. We simply pulled in, turned off the motor and relaxed. Sure it jiggled, but nothing like what we felt with our previous travel trailer. We felt very weighed down and planted firmly on the ground. This kept us extremely mobile, able to get a quick start the next morning by revving up the engine and hitting the road.

Our travel trailer was lightweight, so we never would have had peace without jacks. Even the wind tossed us about. Also, we worried about rolling away, so added jacks and chocks for that purpose, too. With a motorhome, simply throw her in park and you're not going anywhere. We've discussed other reasons we prefer a motorhome, and are certain we've made the right choice. We found stabilizing much simpler with our Bounder instead of the Award Travel Trailer we had previously. But as with anything, there are ups and downs...especially without proper stabilizing!

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