Wednesday, August 31

A Barker Tongue Jack - Your Back Will Thank You

You can hear travel trailer owners shouting "woo-hoo" instead of "ow-ugh" over the Barker VIP 3000 Power Jack and its bigger cousin, the VIP 3500. No more hand cranking, no more back breaking...these tongue jacks do the work for you.

You know you want this electric jack! Now you need to know which one is right for you. The 3000 model can handle 3000 pounds, has a 2" diameter post (this is need to measure) and lifts 18 inches. The 3500 model can take 3500 pounds, has a 2.25" diameter post ( need to be accurate to know which one to get) and lifts 24 inches.

Both models come with wonderful features such as: nightlight, level on top, attached foot pad and are designed to handle the elements...just be sure you pick the right one for the job when purchasing.

In addition, they come with an emergency crank in case of power failure, so you can manually raise and lower your trailer if your battery should fail...or if you're just needing the exercise some days!

Best of all, reviewers unanimously agree that it takes less than 30 minutes to install, and is very simple to do - even if you aren't an expert at these types of projects.

So now you only need to flip the toggle switch and..."voila!" Have fun!!

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