Tuesday, June 7

When It Comes To RV Levelers, Tri Lynx Leveling Blocks Are King!

Lynx levelers are a great choice when shopping for leveling systems. Not only do they have leveling blocks, but they also offer wheel chocks and block caps...everything you could ever want. They are lightweight, clean off easily, stack together like Legos (so they take up little space) and are just darn fun...like a toy for grownups. When you pull in a campsite, you can quietly chuckle at the camper next door who is still deciding which wood chunk to place under the wheels.

We have an RV gift idea blog (basically a desperate attempt to inform friends and family what we would love to have when the holidays come around). So for more information and to view all of the items available, you can view our more detailed review here: Lynx Leveling Blocks

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