Tuesday, June 7

How To Level An RV? Levels Are A Great Start...

Pardon the humor and sarcasm...but you won't know if those leveling blocks are working without first purchasing an rv level! Our favorite is the T level which shows you side to side and back to front, all in one glance. It is very inexpensive and does a great job, in our opinions.

Now, indeed, you are getting our personal review here - we live on a tight budget so we like to share tips on affordable  rv accessories we use. So to be very honest, many rvers don't like these because they are not hi-tech. But in our experience, this little gadget has never let us down. We've never woken up to the dog rolled up against one side of the wall from our travel trailer tilting too far to the left, nor have we watched our drink slide off the table in front of our eyes...it has worked just fine for us.

Of course, for extremely accurate leveling, there are many products to choose from and we will be certain to share them here as well. But we certainly like what we get for the money (a little over the cost of a gallon of gas) in the Camco 25543 RV T Level

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