Monday, June 20

Scissor Jacks For RV Stabilizing - A Step Up From Jack Stands

This Camco scissor jack is a great choice among rv stabilizer jacks. Though it costs more than the Camco Stack Jack Stands, there is a reason for can make these a permanent fixture on your camper. No more having to grab the stand jacks and line them up perfectly on a hot summer day or during a torrential downpour. These cute little jacks will be waiting for you, right where you left them!

If you have a broken jack on your camper or if your rv came without any stabilizers, the Camco 57421 RV Olympian 24" Scissor Jack - Pack of 2 is an excellent choice for you. These motorhome / travel trailer scissor jacks handle a load up to 6500 pounds, can be bolted or welded on, and come in 3 height choices (20", 24", 28").

Now keep one thing in mind...there is still manual labor involved. You have to pay a lot more to get a system where rv jacks go up and down by themselves. But just think of those biceps and triceps...I'll just bet those who have automatic leveling jacks have to go to a gym to get their arm muscles toned (just kidding...trying to make you feel better!). The hand crank you see in the photo is the device you will use for raising and lowering.

But there is a handy solution to make these much easier to manage physically. Take a look at the socket to the left, which you can purchase in addition to these camper jacks. If you use this leveling scissor jack socket with your standard drill, you can raise and lower these jacks for your rv with ease. Well worth the small investment, we think you will agree...

Some final tips...don't forget to choose the right height of jack for your recreational vehicle. As snazzy as these jacks will look, they won't do much good if they cannot touch the ground.

Also, for better stability on soft ground, be sure to pick up a set of jack pads. You can read our reviews on them here.

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