Monday, June 20

An RV Jack Pad...Because Any Day Above Ground Is Good!

We believe rving makes you feel younger, mainly because it feels as if you are still in high school every day - learning something new. Today's lesson? RV Jack Pads. Unlike us, you can learn about these before you discover you need them!

To begin, whether you buy an RV stand jack or scissor jack, it won't help a whole lot if it isn't on a concrete pad or other hard surface. Remember, RV jacks are holding the weight of your travel trailer or motorhome...and if you are on soft ground or sand, that weight will slowly sink into the ground! This miraculous phenomena sort of defeats the purpose of these leveling and stabilizing devices for rvs, don't you think?

Enter the Camco 44595 RV Stabilizer Jack Pad - Pack of 4. Designed to provide a flat surface and to stay above ground, they are an excellent addition to whatever jack you choose. They also clean off extremely easily, which is always a plus to those with recreational vehicles. Icky, muddy wood blocks just don't have that convenient feature...

Words of warning: as always, camper sizes and types will vary, so be sure these will work for you. They are plastic pads and will support an average weight but not a gigantic motor home (unless you like smooshed jack each his own!). Also, they are 6.5" squares, so keep that base size in mind if you have a larger rv stabilizer jack in place.

This affordable set of 4 pads will keep you on the level and another day above be sure to give 'em a try!

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