Monday, June 6

RV Stabilizing Jacks By Camco - Does The Trick On A Tight Budget

When it comes to affordable rv stabilizers, this stabilizing jack by Camco is hard to beat. The price you see is for a set of 4 (and free shipping!). We used similar jacks when we had an old, smaller travel trailer years ago. This model can support up to 6,000 pounds - they do the job, absolutely - no problems there. They get very good reviews overall, so you needn't worry about quality or performance for your camper.

But keep in mind, though we highly recommend these, you need to expect the following sacrifices you will make by saving on cost. The height is limited to a range of 11-17 don't throw away those wood blocks just yet! Many rvs exceed this dimension, so you will most likely need to set the jack on bricks or blocks for it to do its job (span from ground to recreational vehicle). Also, they are a bit more tedious manually. So one little trick is to bring enough blocks where you can keep them expanded all of the time, to the almost optimal height you need. Finally, the top surface area is quite small, so you have to maneuver a little more with these to get them into position. But once again, for the money, they will make great stabilizing jacks for your rv.

One last helpful hint, unless you always camp on concrete, you should pick up a set of rv jack pads. You can read our thoughts on them  here.

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