Tuesday, September 2

RV Jacks & Leveling...Stabilizing For Security - And Your Sanity!

When we plunged into full time RVing a few years ago, we had so many mismatched wood pieces (our version of rv levelers) we could have built a small cabin! Making our abrupt decision to sell everything and head out onto the highway (learn more at our RV BLOG), we purchased what we could afford...a modest, 30 foot travel trailer. We had no rv lifestyle training...we barely knew enough to figure out how to turn on the kitchen light, stared at the toilet and black water system in fear (certain we would NEVER use it) and had anxious dreams that as we slept, we would roll away, never to be seen again.

One item we learned quickly was the importance of trailer stabilizing jacks. Fortunately, our travel trailer had them built in already. You cannot live without a stabilizer jack because, without one, an average size cat can make the camper feel like a moose is walking down the hallway...and you get annoyed at your spouse very quickly if he has to get up during the night, because the "bounce" disrupts your sleep.

The good news is when you are correctly stabilized, and have a good set of wheel chocks behind your tires, you no longer feel like your innocent walk down the hallway will send your RV rolling into the campsite across the road.

Next lesson learned - RV leveling. This came as a rude awakening to us, when we first went rving. Unless you are camping on a completely level concrete pad (good luck finding those, when on a budget!), you will quickly learn that how straight and level a gravel or dirt site may look, how it feels when inside your motorhome is a completely different ballgame. Even when you are just a little unlevel, you feel "off" when inside. Initially, this is where our wood blocks came in...every size and width imaginable. Then you need to navigate your wheels up on them and hope for the best. The pure joy was, in a muddier campsite or on a rainy day, picking up all of these dirty, heavy boards and storing them away.

Fast forward to present day, we have learned a lot on our travels, and we hope our recommendations and suggestions assist you in finding the right combination of stabilizing and leveling products to suit your needs. This site will show you the bestselling stabilizing jacks, leveling blocks, wheel chocks and more, for those on a budget (like us!). Simply click on the category tabs at the top of this page, to view the various products and reviews.

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Jim and Robin